Dine & Dazzle On Board A Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

live show ‘Voyage of Love’!

Dine & Dazzle On Board A Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Entertainment cruises on Sydney Harbour for a fun-filled night!

When in Sydney, a harbour cruise is a must-do experience. And when you can have one comprising entertainment featuring world-class performers who will wow you with jaw-dropping performances, why settle for an ordinary cruising experience. When the sun goes down, the night heats up on Sydney Harbour dinner cruises with high-stakes thrills of live music, comedy shows and much more. Complemented with a sumptuous dinner right in the middle of the city and roving views of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the spectacular Opera House. These cruises are an infallible option for a delightful night.

Check out these amazing cruises for an out-of-the-box night on Sydney Harbour:

Sydney Showboat

Fancy a cabaret performance to go with your dinner? Step aboard Sydney Showboats for a three hour dinner cruise and a night full of glitz & glam. Say hello to the glamorous Australian showgirls in shimmering costumes who will welcome you on board and relish on a delicious 3-course entrée. Steal a glance of amazing nightscapes of Sydney Harbour as you pass Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Drumrolls! It’s time for ‘Voyage of Love’, a mindblowing, high-energy cabaret show by talented Australian cast. The exuberant music and flamboyant acts are definite to hark you back to the time when cabaret was king.

Bob Downe Comedy Cruise

Bust your gut with the Prince of Polyester. When in Sydney, do not miss the comedy cruise presenting Bob Downe, the man of enduring comedy characters. Enjoy a delicious three-course meal and spectacular Harbour views as Bob entertains you with with his unique moves and cheeky laughs. Sydney Harbour also has many other comedy cruises that run daily, serving you a sumptuous dinner sided by plenty of laughs.

Latino Dinner Cruise

Rave up your night with Latino entertainment, live drum beats and energetic music aboard Vagabond cruise. With a live floor packed with performers in vibrant Brazilian costumes dancing to explosive music topped by a tantalizing menu and million dollar views of Sydney Harbour, every second here feels like a fiesta.

Tribute Cruises

Are you a concert-goer? Enjoy a gig on water aboard one-of-the-many tribute cruises on Sydney Harbour. Trip down memory lane with bands and solo artists singing to repertoire of greatest performers like ABBA and Elvis Presley. Some cruises also host crossover shows like the ‘Beatles meets Elvis Tribute Show’. And if your legs get tired of dancing, lean back and relax to take in amazing views of Sydney nightscapes.

Retro Cruises

A fan of classic hits? Jollo at spectacular 80’s party on board a retro cruise on Sydney Harbour. The lurid colours, freaky hairstyle, dodgy mullets and wide moustaches will take you back to memories of old school discos, prom night and also of the first time you ever stepped on a dance floor. Adding to the fun is a sumptuous meal to fill your stomach. Most cruises also have an on board bar for offering martini to go with your samba moves.

So board a cruise and let the dazzling stage sets, brilliant performers, modern hits and timeless classics come together to create a night forever to cherish!



An Exhilarating New Year’s Eve Cruise In Sydney: Welcome 2018!

It was coming to the end of a tedious functional year and I was wearied out and tired. Though corporate careers pay well, they simply sap your energy. Long, stressful shifts, tough demands of work… who doesn’t need a good break from the monotony and fatigue of stressful jobs?

I considered the usual options but was left dissatisfied. Therapy was not my cup of tea, neither was lazing in bed and watching football or just spending the day out. A great escapade or an exhilarating evening out was what I needed to mitigate my peaking stress levels. Was there really an elusive experience out there that could invigorate me for the coming year? I discussed the same with close friends in the corporate circle and there were many suggestions that were thrown into the fray.


We rummaged through holiday brochures, magazines and browsed online to find good holiday packages. Then, I chanced upon New Year’s Eve cruises on Sydney Harbour – something unique to do in a city that wasn’t so far away. This seemed like one of the most trending things to do in Sydney because the seats seemed to be selling like hot cakes. After comparing price, inclusions and the cruise programmes of all the Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruises, we finally decided on one!

The online bookings went seamlessly well; though we spent a tidy packet, we were really looking forward to the experience that would take us into the New Year with a bang! Two weeks later, we were off to Sydney to board our New Year’s Eve cruise!

We dropped our bags off at the hotel, smartened up for the evening and headed down to the world-renowned Sydney Harbour. The harbour was abuzz with activity; half of Sydney seemed to have congregated in and around the area to catch the New Year’s Eve Fireworks display!

We got our boarding passes from the cruise office on the wharf and excitedly joined the line to board our vessel. We boarded the luxury boat at 5:45 pm and were shown to our reserved tables that were glamorously draped boasting stylish centrepieces and menu cards. The décor was sleek and contemporary, with nothing amiss.

After all the guests had boarded, we set off on our NYE adventure. It was like we were whisked away from reality and treated to a five-course seated and served dinner, interspersed with exciting harbour activities that included the Sydney Harbour Bridge Effect, the Harbour of Light parade, which our vessel was a part of, the 9pm family fireworks, and of course, the showstopper – the Midnight fireworks!

The live band and DJ provided a great party atmosphere on board our cruise. Unwinding with our drinks, a little hip shaking and foot tapping, we felt the weight of the world slowly fall off our shoulders. And, what a feeling of relief that was!

As the Midnight fireworks display erupted into the night sky, our spirits soared with new hope. The display was truly mind-blowing and we realised that we should be thankful for another New Year full of endless possibilities!

Cruises have been recommended widely as great stress busters, but it never occurred to us that it would be such a refreshing and splendid experience. Finally, I had that wonderful and holistic experience I needed to rejuvenate me. This unforgettable experience has surged my spirits and triggered a new enthusiasm to face the challenges of work. Here’s to a great 2018!






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